UK Pensions Transfer Australia are pleased to announce that we are an authorised partner of Oz-Forex Pty Ltd. What this means for you is simply more money in your pocket! How are they able to do this? Oz-Forex Pty Ltd has been operating in Australia since 1998. Oz-Forex has built its market leading reputation by assisting over 100,000 clients globally to send money internationally, at rates the banks won't match.

With our significant buying power we not only give you a better exchange rate but are pleased to announce that all UK Pensions Transfer Australia customers will receive this service with NIL FEES on the transaction. UK Pensions Transfer Australia will simply instruct your UK Pension Fund to send your money via our service and around 3 workings days later, the money will be clear to use in AUD. It’s that simple. All you need to do is speak to UK Pensions Transfer Australia and we will do the rest.

Case Study – Private Client

Margaret saved: A$11,700 on the rate
A$60 on the fee
A$11,760 TOTAL

After having just moved from the UK to Australia, Margaret was awaiting the proceeds from the sale of her house in the UK which she sold for £390,000.

Margaret called her UK bank and was offered a GBP/AUD rate of 2.0150 meaning she would receive A$785,850. The bank also wanted to charge a £30 fee (approximately A$60).

Margaret then called OzForex and asked for a rate for her to sell £390,000 in exchange for Australian dollars. OzForex quoted 2.0450 meaning she would receive Australian Dollars A$797,550 and there was no fee to pay.

Tim Bentley
Alliance Manager

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